Charges: Men in 'beater car' terrorize neighbors, assault resident

TACOMA, Wash. -- An 18-year-old man recently obtained an "old beater car" and spent last Friday using it to terrorize his neighborhood and beating up a resident who told him and his friends to slow down, according to charges filed Monday with Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, Brandon Carpenter and a group of his friends spent part of the day recklessly driving the beater car up and down a street in his Pierce County neighborhood.

The group's behavior was upsetting neighbors, and Carpenter nearly hit a woman taking children to an area park, according to the charging documents.

The group was doing a little more reckless driving in the evening when a neighbor yelled at them to slow down.

According to the charging documents, Carpenter parked, and he and his friends confronted the neighbor and shoved him to the ground. Once the neighbor was on the ground, the group reportedly proceeded to punch and kick him multiple times, leaving him with injuries to his head and face.

Officers arrived, and neighbors -- who had witnessed the whole thing -- told them where Carpenter and a second suspect, 22-year-old Brandon Seesz, lived.

According to the charging documents, both Carpenter and Seesz admitted to being at the scene of the fight but denied being involved and refused to name anyone who was.

Carpenter reportedly told officers the victim had been shooting at his car with a BB gun, hitting it multiple times. While there was extensive damage to the beater car, officers were unable to find any damage from BBs.

Both Carpenter and Seesz were arrested after multiple witnesses identified them as being involved in the attack. They have been charged with assault.