Charges: Man tried to sell stolen jail inmate uniform on Craigslist

TACOMA, Wash. -- A 25-year-old man out on bail reportedly tried to sell his stolen Pierce County Jail inmate uniform on Craigslist, telling his mother that former inmates do it all the time. Famous last words.

According to Pierce County Superior Court records, Jared Evans was bailed out of jail by his mother Aug. 15. He had been arrested in July for investigation of violating a protection order and possession of meth, as well as for an outstanding warrant.

Pretty much immediately after being bailed out, Evans listed his pilfered inmate uniform for sale on Craigslist, where the Pierce County Sheriff's Office became aware of it, according to charges filed Wednesday.

According to the charging documents, an undercover deputy texted Evans a $50 offer for the uniform, and Evens responded, "You've gotta come up with a better offer than thatIt's perfect, give me two hundredIt was quite a risk for me to get out with IT, you understand."

The deputy offered $200, and Evans reportedly agreed to meet him Aug. 19 at the Gig Harbor Goodwill. But shortly before their meeting, Evans sent a text to the deputy saying his mother had found the uniform and was holding it hostage, according to the charging documents. He suggested they retrieve the uniform together.

The deputy arrested Evans when he showed up at the Goodwill. According to the charging documents, Evans said he didn't know where the uniform was and denied incriminating himself in any way.

The deputy retrieved the stolen uniform from Evan's mother, who had washed and dried it and said she was planning on returning it to the Pierce County Jail.

She told the deputy Evans had told her he stole the uniform and was going to sell it online. She said Evans ignored her warnings not to sell the uniform, telling her that guys do it all the time and no one ever checks Craigslist.

Evans has been charged with trafficking in stolen property.

Always listen to your mother.