Charges: Man rams 3 cars, 1 truck after he's turned down for date

TACOMA, Wash. -- In his defense, a 21-year-old charged with various crimes Friday in Pierce County Superior Court knows driving his car into four other vehicles, not to mention his would-be girlfriend, probably wasn't the best response to being turned down for a date.

"I can't believe I did that," Austin Reddy reportedly told officers following his arrest last Thursday in Tacoma. "I just threw everything [expletive] away."

According to the charging documents, Reddy was sitting with the victim in her parked car and discussing the possibility of dating her, something he has been wanting to do for months.

The victim told Reddy she wasn't interested, and he became angry, getting out of the car and spitting on the victim's windshield, according to the charges. In response, the victim got out of her car and spit on Reddy's car, which was parked nearby.

According to the charges, Reddy climbed on top of the victim's car and spit on it one more time before getting into his vehicle.

Reddy reportedly reversed into the victim's car and sideswiped the victim herself, leaving her with scrapes on her arm and wrist. He then drove over two curbs, hit a truck, U-turned, drove over two more curbs and a planting strip and into a parking lot, where he rammed a car, which pushed into yet another car, according to the charges.

All told, Reddy reportedly caused approximately $14,000 in damage to four cars.

After hitting the final car, Reddy got out of his vehicle and ran through the parking lot, according to the charges. He surrendered after a witness caught up with him and waited for officers to arrive.

According to the charges, Reddy told officers what he did wasn't justified.

Reddy has been charged with assault, malicious mischief and various other crimes related to leaving the scene of an accident.

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