Charges: Man caught exposing self to girls near PLU

      TACOMA, Wash. -- A 35-year-old man with a previous conviction for incest was chased onto the Pacific Lutheran University campus by a father who had just caught him masturbating to his daughters in the family's backyard, according to charges filed Monday with Pierce County Superior Court.

      According to the charging documents, the two girls, ages 11 and 17, were playing with their dog in the backyard Sunday when they noticed a man standing in the yard of a neighboring vacant house.

      The girls later told deputies from the Pierce County Sheriff's Office the man had his pants down and was masturbating with a dazed look in his eye.

      According to the charging documents, the girls ran inside and told their parents, who also saw the man masturbating while standing at the fence.

      The man ran off when the girls' father yelled, and the father followed the man onto the Pacific Lutheran University campus, where the man was picked up by campus safety officers.

      According to the charging documents, the man, whose fly was unzipped, told responding deputies his last name was "Tate." He reportedly started to say his first name was "Jarvis" before quickly switching to "Tarvis."

      Deputies quickly identified him as Jarvis Phillips, thanks in part to a distinctive tattoo on his chest, and he was arrested. According to the charging documents, he told deputies he was an army brat with PTSD whose uncle recently died.

      Phillips has been charged with indecent exposure and making a false statement to a public servant.


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