Charges: Man attacks dog, wife over chewed trampoline

      PARKLAND, Wash. -- A Parkland man beat and strangled his dog and wiped dog feces in his wife's face after catching the dog chewing a small trampoline, according to charges filed Monday by the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office.

      According to the probable cause document for the incident, a Pierce County Sheriff's Department deputy was called to Preston Webber's home, where he lives with his wife and two young children, around 9:30 a.m. July 12 after his wife reported he was armed with a rifle and threatening to shoot the family dog.

      Webber's wife was crying and shaking as she told the deputy how Webber got angry over the dog chewing a small trampoline and proceeded to beat dog with the trampoline and then strangle it with its own leash, according to the probable cause document. She said the beating went on for 10 minutes.

      Webber's wife told the deputy her husband shoved her twice, once when she tried to stop the beating and again after he threw the dog into her car by the neck.

      According to the probable cause document, Webber also rubbed a handful of dog feces onto his wife's face. Webber later told the deputy it was only drool, but the deputy smelled feces while speaking with Webber's wife and saw her cleaning what appeared to be feces off her face with baby wipes, according to the document.

      Webber's wife told the deputy he went to get his rifle to shoot the dog because it was running away from him. Deputies removed four rifles and a handgun from the house on her request.

      Webber was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and three counts of assault. He pleaded not guilty Monday.


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