Charges: Man arrested for flashing at UW has history of rape

SEATTLE -- A 39-year-old man arrested after masturbating in front of a female student on the University of Washington campus has a history of rape and assault, according to charges filed Monday in King County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, a 19-year-old student was sitting on a bench in Schmitz Hall shortly before 2 p.m. June 25 when a man with a paper towel in one hand sat down next to her and started masturbating.

The victim thought the man matched the description of a man suspected of masturbating in front of another student in the Schmitz Hall elevator the day before and got nervous. She later told police her stomach tightened and she started shaking.

The victim called 911 and got up from the bench to pretend like she was looking for someone while speaking with the dispatcher.

When the victim sat back down, the man got up and walked off while buttoning up his pants, according to the charging documents.

The man, still holding a paper napkin in his hand, walked by the victim while she was speaking with a University of Washington Police Department sergeant and was arrested after a brief chase, according to the charging documents.

The man was identified as Kalvin Snowden, a sex offender. He was convicted of rape in 1993 in Alabama and also has convictions for assault, violation of a protection order and criminal solicitation.

According to the charging documents, Snowden denied exposing himself to the victim. He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

The UWPD is continuing to investigate to see if Snowden is responsible for two other recent incidents on campus.

On June 24, a man boarded an elevator in Schmitz Hall with a female student already on board and reportedly started masturbating.

On June 13, a female student was sitting in a booth at the Husky Union Building food court when a man reportedly blocked her in, pulled down his pants and started masturbating.

Snowden is being held on $100,000 bail.