Charges: Grown man leads deputy on chase in dad's go-kart

LAKEBAY, Wash. -- A Lakebay resident with a suspended license was arrested Sunday after reportedly leading a Pierce County Sheriff's Office deputy on a high-speed chase in his father's homemade go-kart. The suspect is 51 years old.

According to the charging documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court, the deputy was on patrol around 8:50 p.m. near Jackson Lake Road KP North and Key Peninsula Highway North when he spotted what he described as a "homemade, black-colored vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed both on and off the roadway."

The deputy decided to stop the vehicle, "a cross between a go-kart and an all-terrain vehicle," because it was dark out and the vehicle didn't have any headlights.

But when the deputy tried to pull the vehicle over, it sped into oncoming traffic before turning onto 50th Street KP North and "drifting" into a nearby driveway, where it hit a parked car, according to the charging documents.

The deputy watched as the driver of the vehicle reportedly got out, removed his helmet and ran behind the house.

The deputy called for backup and was waiting for it to arrive when a man came out of the house and demanded to know what the deputy was doing on his property. The man told the deputy the vehicle belonged to him, and no one else should have been driving it.

According to the charging documents, the man eventually admitted his son, who is staying with him, could have been driving the vehicle. But, he said his son wasn't home at the time.

The deputy pulled up a recent booking photo of the man's son, Anthony Farnam, and recognized him as the suspect he had been chasing. He also discovered Farnam had a suspended license.

Additional deputies arrived, and the man tried to get them to leave his property. But, be eventually agreed to let the deputies search his home because he was certain his son wasn't there.

Deputies found Farnam lying on a bed inside the house, and he was arrested. According to the charging documents, a smirking Farnam gloated about getting away from the deputy.

Farnam has been charged with attempting to elude a pursuing police officer, obstructing a public servant, driving with a suspended license and possession of a dangerous weapon (he reportedly had a switchblade on him at the time of his arrest).