Charges: Foot Locker robber used small child to smuggle clothes

TACOMA, Wash. -- A 26-year-old woman who robbed a Tacoma Mall Foot Locker Wednesday told an arresting officer she knows robbery, has been convicted of robbery, and this, sir, was no robbery, according to charging documents filed with Pierce County Superior Court.

According to those documents, Vanika Arrington, an adult man and several small children were loitering in the Foot Locker without buying anything. Employees noticed a number of empty hangers and reviewed security footage, which reportedly showed Arrington putting stolen clothing into her bags and a stolen shirt onto one of the small children.

After leaving Foot Locker, Arrington and the man split up, and the man was immediately stopped. He denied knowing Arrington put the stolen clothing in the bag he was holding and was cited for theft.

According to the charging documents, Arrington -- who still had two small children with her -- ignored commands to stop, and when a mall security officer grabbed her arm, she pushed him away, put her hand into her purse and threatened to shoot him.

Several security officers restrained Arrington, who refused to stop kicking and yelling, according to the charging documents. She reportedly told mall staff she was going to sue everyone and have their jobs.

According to the charging documents, security officers found stolen clothing in Arrington's purse, which she claimed belonged to her sister despite her ID being found inside.

Arrington reportedly told a Tacoma Police Department officer she did not rob anyone, and she would know because she has been convicted of robbery and this definitely wasn't robbery.

Arrington was charged with robbery.

The small children who had been with Arrington were released to their mother, who was called to the mall.