Charges: Employee rips off Walmart due to debt, lack of hours

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Walmart cashier charged with stealing more than $2,000 from the store's register over the course of a month told detectives he had a lot of debt and Walmart was not giving him enough hours to make ends meet, according to charging documents filed Wednesday with the Pierce County Superior Court.

According to those documents, an asset protection manager at the Tacoma Walmart, with the help of security cameras, caught 21-year-old Michael Phillips stealing a total of $2,374.34 from his till on 19 occasions between Feb. 11 and March 22.

Phillips would take $50 or $100 bills from the till and hide them in a box of returned items, where he would later recover them from, according to the charging documents.

On one occasion, Phillips reportedly hid cash in a garbage can and recovered it when he took the garbage out. That's when the asset protection manager became suspicious.

Following his arrest, Phillips admitted to stealing cash from the till but said he only took money 10 times totaling approximately $1,000, according to the charging documents.

He reportedly told detectives he was under a lot of debt and was not getting enough hours.

Phillips has been charged with theft.