Charges: Driver pulls gun on father, daughter headed to movie

TACOMA, Wash. -- A 25-year-old man was arrested after pulling a gun on a father and his 5-year-old daughter during a road-rage incident Sunday in Tacoma, according to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, the victim and his daughter were merging onto northbound I-5 from I-512 on their way to a movie when a Subaru came up on the victim's right, nearly forcing him off the road and into a guardrail.

Both cars exited at Hosmer Street, and the victim pulled up next to the Subaru in the left-hand turn lane.

The victim later told officers he threw his hands up at the driver of the Subaru, and the other driver responded by pulling out a silver handgun and pointing it at him and his daughter.

According to the charging documents, the victim's daughter yelled, "Daddy, he has a gun!" and the victim was afraid he and his daughter were going to die.

But, the Subaru drove off, and the victim followed while calling 911.

Officers stopped 25-year-old Devin Veles as he was walking away from the Subaru in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant.

According to the charging documents, Veles initially denied having a weapon on him but yelled that he had a concealed-weapons permit when informed he was going to be patted down.

Officers found a loaded handgun in a holster and two additional magazines on Veles, according to the charging documents.

Veles reportedly denied pointing a gun at the victim, who he said wouldn't let him merge into traffic. He also reportedly denied being the driver of the Subaru, but officers disproved that after speaking with his Veles' sister, who was also at the restaurant.

Veles has been charged with assault with a firearm.