Charges: Boxer who choked girlfriend 'lost it' after head injury

FIFE, Wash. -- A professional boxer charged with assaulting his girlfriend "lost it" after suffering a head injury in a recent fight, claiming to be a "Terminator T-9000" and talking to the power light on a stereo, according to charges filed Wednesday in Pierce County Superior Court.

Jonte Willis, who won the 2007 Super Heavy Weight Division at the Tacoma Golden Gloves, is now facing charges of domestic-violence assault and felony harassment stemming from the July 18 incident.

According to charging documents, Willis' girlfriend returned from a trip and found Willis, 30, to have "lost it" and "gone crazy." The victim attributed Willis' change in behavior to a head injury he received in a recent boxing match.

She later told the Fife Police Department Willis spoke in tongues, cried like a baby and claimed to be a "Terminator T-9000" and the "son of God." She said he spoke to the power light on a stereo, sprinkled dirt on people to protect them and claimed to be "all powerful."

On July 18, the victim was chasing a fly when Willis suddenly grabbed her around the neck and threw her to the floor, where he choked her and yelled at her, according to the charging documents. Willis eventually let go and apologized.

Over the next few days, Willis reportedly threatened to kill the victim, who he has a young child with. She told police she believed he would do it and was afraid to leave their apartment.

The situation was reported to police on Tuesday after Willis' ex-girlfriend went to his home at the Emerald Park Apartments in Fife to pick up their child, who had been visiting Willis.

While there, Willis' ex-girlfriend noticed injuries to the victim's neck, and Willis admitted to choking her, according to the charging documents. Willis' ex-girlfriend left the apartment and called 911 after receiving texts from the victim saying she was afraid of Willis.

Police arrived at the apartment to find Willis inside. According to the charging documents, he appeared agitated and said he was not a "nano" and that he would "burn the world."

Willis, who is the cousin of San Francisco 49ers star linebacker Patrick Willis, was arrested and booked into Pierce County Jail.