Charge: Man tried to pimp Seattle cop - twice

Successful undercover police officers usually rely on guile, quick wits and a well-conceived cover.

Stupidity, though, also has its place.

Filing prostitution-related charges earlier this month, King County prosecutors contend a Seattle man tried to pimp a police officer who'd previously sent him to jail for an identical offense.

According to charging documents, Jeremy Marclay Flemings, 19, waved over the undercover detective on April 12 as she was posing as a prostitute near Rainier Avenue South and South Charles Street.

The officer was acting, essentially, as bait for pimps hoping to find new women or girls to prostitute. As he had two years before, Flemings is alleged to have propositioned the undercover officer.

"When she initially contacted suspect Flemings, she recognized him from a previous vice enforcement operation from approximately two years earlier," Seattle Police Det. Patricia MacDonald said in court documents. "Flemings had recruited (the undercover officer) to prostitute for him at that time as well."

That earlier arrest and subsequent incarceration did not, apparently, leave much of an impression on Flemings, as prosecutors now allege he offered to post prostitution advertisements online for the undercover officer in exchange for half of her earnings.

Recounting the incident, MacDonald said Flemings, Anthony Kenner and a woman were stopped in a gas station parking lot when Flemings waved over the officer.

Flemings asked the officer what her drug of choice was and whether she was "selling herself," and ultimately suggested he would act as her pimp, the detective continued. Other officers involved in the operation stopped the car after receiving a signal from the undercover officer.

Kenner, 21, and Flemings have both been charged with attempted promoting of prostitution. Flemings was convicted of the same offense as a juvenile, and had recently been released from Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration custody after serving a one-year sentence.

Neither has yet entered a plea to the charge. Both men remain jailed. is a media partner of KOMO News