Cars versus bikes: SDOT finds 3 most dangerous intersections

SEATTLE - New numbers on collisions are shedding light on the most dangerous intersections in Seattle for drivers and bicyclists. With at least 7 collisions each - over a three year period - the city says 3 intersections near Downtown are the worst.

At Bolyston Ave. and E Pine Street there have been 7 collisions. Eastlake Ave E and Fuhrman Ave E have had 8 collisions, one that was fatal. And at 25th Ave NE and Blakeley Street there has also been 8 collision.

SDOT said most often it's drivers who are the culprit.

"It tends to be that we have a lot of multitasking during our driving," SDOT traffic engineer Dongho Chang said.

In Ballard, collisions are so bad along NW 45th Street, the city will be adding an advisory bike lane in October, which are lanes for both car and bikes to help prevent more accidents.

Officials said cyclists and drivers alike need to make sure they're following the rules of the road.

"It's a give and take, ya know. You have to acknowledge there's cars on road, and cars have to acknowledge there's bikes on the road. You've got to work together," said cyclist Robbie Watson.