Carnation food bank gets booted on Christmas Eve

CARNATION, Wash. -- A food bank in Carnation is clearing its shelves and refrigerators of hams, canned cranberries, and cakes.

This isn't just a holiday push to help the hungry. Volunteer Fred Vosk says the food bank that feeds the homeless is about to become homeless itself.

"They've pretty much chucked us out on Christmas Eve. We're kind of like Tiny Tim bouncing out in the snow and flicking that little crutch at us and bouncing it off our heads," Vosk said.

The Snoqualmie Tribe has sponsored the food bank on Tolt Avenue for 38 years. The Tribal Council supplied the building, a truck, gasoline, and electricity. But food bank volunteers say the tribe told them they're going in a different direction.

"It's a stab to my heart," said Marianne Hinzman.

Hinzman is upset that her tribe will no longer sponsor the food bank she founded in her basement 38 years ago.

"I worked 40 years for nothing," she cried as she described her disappointment. "Heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking to be not able to help people that need the help."

Nearly 200 families, about 700 people a week head to the food bank for help. Marlene Owens is a client.

"I don't get very much in food stamps, very little social security. WIthout them I wouldn't be eating very well. This really helps us put food on the table," Owens said.

The Public Food Bank is asking the Carnation City Council to consider letting them use the city's vacant building across the street. The non-profit was housed in it before.

"We need place to put all our refrigerators, freezers, and food. Otherwise out on the street with them," Vosk said.

If the council doesn't greenlight the idea at it's January meeting, Hinzman fears the food bank is headed back to her house. Hinzman said she's made it her life mission to help people just like her mother taught her.

"I started from nothing and I can do it again," she said.