Car theft victim says Seattle police botched the investigation

SEATTLE -- An angry and frustrated car theft victim says Seattle police completely botched the search for his missing car and investigation into who took it.

"I immediately got really, really angry and frustrated," Matt Schueller said after his car was stolen last month.

The YouTube star had just graduated from Seattle Pacific University -- just days after the school shooting -- when his car and all his video equipment were stolen.

Schueller did his own investigating and found surveillance photos of the thief at various Ballard businesses.

"The guy's wearing my North Face jacket in the image, using my credit card," he said.

He handed the images over to police, but nobody was arrested. The call finally came that the car had been found. Once he got his car back, minus the stolen items, his father found a bombshell.

"It's a parking violation courtesy notice," said his father, Bob Schueller.

Father and son both say someone with the police department put the notice on his car but didn't check the car description to see that it was stolen. The car was later found again, and this time police called the Schuellers.

However, they say the dispatcher didn't call the detective.

"It was found and this parking violation was given, and it was found again and my parents were called. But a detective was not notified my car was found so it wasn't impounded, it wasn't checked for prints," Schueller said.

Bob Schueller isn't holding out much hope that justice will be done.

"I'd still like to see that these guys are prosecuted, but I don't know," he said. "With not following through on the evidence trail, I don't know if it's possible now."

An official from the Seattle Police Department said the investigation is ongoing and he can't comment.