Car runs red light, hits 12-year-old boy in Wallingford

SEATTLE - A 12-year-old boy on his way to school was hit by a car that ran a red light Friday morning in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, officials and witnesses said.

Police and witnesses say the boy was crossing North 40th Street at Wallingford Avenue in the crosswalk with a group of other children when an eastbound Honda Civic drove through against the red light without stopping.

The boy, a sixth-grader at nearby Hamilton International Middle School, went up over the hood of the car and smashed into the windshield, and the car then came to a stop.

Police said the boy sustained head lacerations from the impact, but was conscious afterward. He was taken by ambulance to Seattle Children's Hospital and is expected to recover, said Stacey Howard of the Seattle Public Schools.

One witness said it appeared the driver didn't notice either the red light or the boy in the crosswalk, and speculated that the sun may have been in his eyes.

"I don't know if he never saw the light ... he just went through it like the light wasn't there," said the witness. "The child ... stepped into the street and was walking across - I don't think he even saw the child."

Police closed the intersection as they investigated. The driver will be tested for intoxicants, as is standard in collisions with injuries, police said. A drug recognition officer also was called to the scene to evaluate the driver.