Car plows over gas meter, crashes into Kenmore home

KENMORE, Wash. -- A Kenmore family survived a close call Monday evening when a car plowed into their home.

Jeff Fjelstul was trying to enjoy a quiet night at home when he felt a jolt.

"I ran into the family room and there was a front end of a car in the family room," he said.

The car came straight off the road and into the corner of the house. While the car didn't hit anyone inside, it did plow over a gas meter.

"I ran outside and there was a cloud of gas.The car had hit the gas meter," Fjelstul said.

That meant Fjelstul had to act very fast.

"I had to run back in the house and get the power off and then get my family out and seal off the room that was filling with gas," he said.

With the smell of gas in the cool, damp air, residents near 67th Avenue NE just watched and waited.

"Well, from a neighbor's viewpoint it's kind of exciting, but I wouldn't want to be them," one neighbor said.

Once the gas was cut off, crews started the slow and careful process of pulling the car out of the house.

The car is now gone, and the damage is nothing compared to what the family feared could have happened.

"I'm just glad I'm not watching them put out a fire fight now," Fjelstul said.

The driver suffered minor injuries in the wreck. The driver allegedly told a neighbor she hit a slick spot in the road prior to the crash.

Police are interviewing the woman at the hospital and it's unclear if she'll face any criminal charges.