Capitol Hill Block Party: What not to miss, Day 2

This first day of the Capitol Hill Block Party brought plenty of electronic music and mashed-up madness as Dillon Francis, STRFKR and Girl Talk packed the mainstage. Today, look for more rock, more strings, and cooler weather to make for a slightly more mellow crowd.

Here's what to look out for today:

Fox and the Law: 2pm, Neumos Start your day with a dose of the kind of rock that does pioneering Seattle bands proud. Local four-piece Fox and the Law is all shredding, distorted guitars and music that'll make you want to stomp.

La Luz: 2:15, Main If you haven't heard of this all-female, California surf-rock-sounding garage/doo-wop group, it's because you haven't been paying attention. La Luz has been picking up tons of publicity this year, and for good reason. Go sway in the sun.

Chastity Belt: 3pm, Vera Ride out the all-female wave with the catchy sounds of Chastity Belt, who, with singles like "Seattle Party" are the exact kind of summer music you've been looking to bop to. Also of note: vocalist Julia Shapiro's low, soulful voice is definitely reminiscent of Niko (of the Velvet Underground fame).

Kid Smpl: 4pm, Vera If you love amibent, shoegaze-y music to drift away to, stay on the Vera stage for this haunting, delicious one-man band.

Big Freedia: 4:45, Main Twerk music to the highest order, Big Freedia recently mystified Postal Service fans at Key Arena -- but only because it maybe wasn't what the indie crowd expected. Get ready to dance like your joints aren't connected to anything. But come early -- Big Freedia has a cult following here in town, and they'll pack the street quickly.

Phox: 5:15, Neumos Go see Phox just to hear what the lead singer can do with his voice, because it is beautiful. Also to see seven friends try to navigate a stage together while making a unique combo of electronic and orchestral indie.

Naomi punk: 7:15, Vera Naomi punk describes herself as "at least partly inspired by their grunge forbearers," describing the sound as "sludgy erosion over the guitars, the drums blasting with machine-grade heaviness." The sound is strange, but at the same time, it's familiar, because it's so very Olympia.

TacocaT: 7:45, Cha Cha Never pass up a chance to see TacocaT. This group is so much fun, it's almost too much to handle. Somewhat legendary in the area, their songs are about stuff you know about. This will be a dance party.

The Flavr Blue OR Purity Ring, 9pm, Neumos and Main, respectively This is a tie. The Flavr Blue features the beautiful sound of Hollis Wong-Wear's voice, which Macklemore fans will recognize from "White Walls." However, Purity Ring is one of the electro-pop headliners that a whole lot of people are specifically coming to see, so it's your choice.

Pickwick: 10:30, Main Everyone loves Pickwick these days because Pickwick is a fun, homegrown group whose 2013 release, "Can't Talk Medicine" is full of summery, string-y jams and a wailing male voice that might remind you a little of the Black Keys.