Cane-wielding men continue to wreak havoc on city's bars

SEATTLE -- Another day, another reported cane attack in Seattle as walking-stick-related assaults on the city's bar and restaurant employees continue to at least intermittently occur.

According to the police report for the most-recent incident, a man with a cane walked into a bar in the 500 block of South King Street around 6:15 p.m. last Thursday and ordered a beer.

Despite that being the only drink the man ordered, he reportedly became progressively more drunk over the next hour and a half, a fact which the bartender found odd.

According to the report, that's when bar employees noticed the man was covertly drinking out of a plastic bottle likely containing vodka. The man was informed he could stay in the bar but would have to throw the bottle away.

The man refused to get rid of the bottle and advanced on the bar's doorman when he was asked to leave, according to the report. The man reportedly swung his cane at the doorman, narrowly missing him, and smashing a pint glass.

It took the bartender, the doorman and a patron to forcefully remove the man from the bar.

Officers arrived 20 to 30 minutes later and were unable to find the man.

Last December, a man reportedly hit a bar employee in the testicles with a cane after attempting to smoke in a Belltown establishment and leave without paying. He would later try to use semantics to get out of it.