Candidate for Kent City Council says he's honest, still committed

Candidate for Kent City Council says he's honest, still committed. (KOMO News)

KENT, Wash. -- Imagine running for office and then telling voters you're not really sure you want the job. That's what one candidate for Kent City Council wrote in his campaign statement for the King County official local voter's pamphlet.

On weekends, Russell Hanscom says he’s juggling hockey games, being with family, and work. The former Kent School Board member is now running for Kent City Council, position number 6.

Check out his unusual candidate statement .

He writes: “I’m not sure I really want this job….”

“My lack of enthusiasm does not diminish my competence or honesty…”

”I sincerely doubt I’ll have enough time to be an effective representative of your concerns.”

His candidate statement is alarming voters.

“He’s honest and that you don’t see in politics,” Jody Tyler said.

“It’s discouraging. It’s not great at all,” Israel Davila said.

We caught up with Hanscom on Sunday and asked him about his statement.

“No it’s not a prank it all. The face of the matter is, I wrote a really bad voter guide statement on a bad day,” Hanscom said. “I just resigned from school board because of the lack of time."

Hanscom works full-time as the Executive Director of Elder Services for Puyallup Tribe of Indians and has a side business.

He said he has the experience for city council, even if he's wondering about his time.

“I brought a business from 6 million to 23 million in the City of Kent. I’ve now started a business from scratch. I’ve got some decent leadership skills and some financial capabilities as well. So yeah. I think the voters should be confident in my abilities to adequately represent them if I have the time. And that’s the big question,” Hanscom said.

Incumbent Brenda Fincher has been on Kent City Council for the past few years.

“It’ a big job and it takes a lot of time to prepare yourself for what’s going on and to figure out what’s going on,” Fincher said.

Her candidate statement indicates that keeping Kent affordable is a priority for her. And, she’s running to keep her seat.

“This is a priority for me,” Fincher said. “You have to make sure you have time when you run for a position like this."

Besides city council, she works as administrator at Holy Spirit Parish and splits her time between family and the community.

Her reaction to her opponent’s statement:

“It’s a big commitment of time. He’s right to be concerned about that. If you don’t have the time, that’s not something you really want to do," she said.

Fincher said it’s important to take Hanscom at his word.

“If he is that busy that he had to resign from his other position at the school board, with all of the other issues going on there, how is he going to handle this one when we know what is coming down the road,” Fincher said.

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