Cameras roll as Christmas gift stolen from security expert's porch

PUYALLUP, Wash. - 'Tis the season for gift giving - but as we're seeing all too often, it's also the season for stealing.

It happened again to a family in Puyallup, when a holiday package was snatched from their porch. But this time, they got a big break - they caught two thieves on camera.

It turns out that the owner of the home is a security expert. The house is surrounded by cameras that show how the criminals scoped out the neighborhood, spotted the package, grabbed it - and got away - all in under two minutes.

Amanda and Jules Mayer weren't expecting the delivery - a personalized custom Seahawks jersey ordered for their Uncle "Gub" - for a few more days.

But as luck would have it, Uncle Gub's gift was delivered early, on Friday - while the Mayers were out.

"I was like, 'Sweet, we're going to have it in time for the holiday,'" says Amanda.

But when they got home, there was no package. Jules checked his security cameras, which showed that the deliveryman had dropped off the package on the porch next to the doormat.

Then it was stolen.

"They prey on consistency - people's schedules - they do the same thing, day in, day out," says Jules. "Total violation for somebody to come up into your space and just steal from you."

Jules said he couldn't believe his eyes when he viewed more footage from his security cameras. It clearly shows the thieves in action.

"Goes down the street just behind my house to my neighbor's house, turns around in their driveway," says Jules. At that point the thieves have spotted the package.

"Oh yes, most definitely, been by it once, twice, three times - they've seen that front porch now," he says as he rolls the video.

The thieves are fast and brazen.

"They come in just like they lived there," says Jules.

"Somebody pulled right up into my driveway, got out of the car, just walked up here to my front door - like right at my front door - and took a package," adds Amanda.

Says Jules, "Total time, from when they enter the cul-de-sac to when they're leaving is about a minute 40."

And the Mayers aren't the only victims.

"We just found out today that our neighbors had two packages stolen from them on Wednesday," he says.

They hope this security footage will help nab the crooks. It shows them pulling up in a late '80s or early '90s sedan, very dark in color.

"The male who approached the door and took the package was probably in his early 30s, late 20s maybe - heavy-set, white painter pants, fleece pullover," says Jules.

The Mayers are grateful they weren't home when it happened.

"It's complete helplessness because you can watch it, but that means you weren't there - you can't do anything about it," he says. "Nobody's safe - even the people who put in security are sometimes robbed."

But the Mayers say the joke is on the thief.

"Somebody's walking around out there with a giant Seahawks jersey with the nickname 'Gub' on the back," says Amanda.

"It's a 4XL," says Jules. "Nobody's going to be able to wear that."

The Mayers also got some good news - the company they ordered the jersey from plans to send them a new one.

Now Jules says he plans to put up signs around his property to make it clear he has security cameras monitoring the home at all times - he believes that will be the best way to ward off thieves.