Burst pipe wreaks havoc on Tukwila school

TUKWILA, Wash. -- The baseboards have been ripped off, the fans are whirring loudly and Janelle Neil just laughs, because her school was under water.

"We had a pipe break and flooded the building," Neil said.

She is an administrator with Academy Schools in Tukwila. A two-inch pipe froze and burst Sunday morning, sending gushes of water throughout half the school. Books have been ruined and there is concern about other classroom computers and gear.

"Nobody's going to be sticking fingers into those outlets," she said.

The fire department took video of the water blasting out of the ceiling. The school posted it to YouTube, and the whole situation seems absurd to Neil.

"You've got laugh at this point. There's nothing else you can do," she said.

A restoration company has been brought in to use fans and dehumidifiers that have been moved around the sopping wet carpet in different classrooms.

The Teamsters union hall is next to Academy Schools and will offer up some room for the students next week. So far there is not a total cost for all the damage.

Neil is keeping spirits up and keeping the laughs coming. It's the only way to get through the damage and the cleanup.

"This is a kids school. This is all about kids. We do what it takes to make things work for them," she said.