Burglary suspect: 'Easy, Wolverine... You're messing with the Devil'

SEATTLE -- A very intoxicated, extremely uncooperative and eminently quotable burglar was arrested last Thursday in Ballard, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the suspect was first spotted attempting to steal the tools of a man hired to install windows at a house in the 900 block of Northwest 52nd Street.

When the man caught the suspect in the act and demanded he get out, the suspect reportedly responded, "Easy, Wolverine. I'm leaving."

As he was leaving the property, the suspect dropped a second "Easy, Wolverine" and followed it up with, "You're lucky I didn't get your tools," according to the report.

The man then watched as the suspect slowly walked off down the street and went into the carport of another home, at which point the man called police.

According to the report, another man walking his dog spotted the suspect peering into yards and windows before pulling a gym bag out of a Jeep parked in a carport.

The man, knowing the suspect didn't live there, asked him what he was doing. According to the report, the suspect responded, "Mind your own business. You're messing with the Devil."

The suspect then reportedly threatened to kill both the man and his dog before asking where Fred Meyer was. The man told the suspect, and the suspect thanked him and walked off.

Officers caught up with the suspect nearby and arrested him. While in the police car, the suspect caught a glimpse of his photo on a display screen and said, "That's me when I had long hair."

He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of burglary and harassment.