Burglars terrify 13-year-old boy while ransacking his house

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- A mother is livid after burglars forced her son into a chair and threw blankets over his head during a break-in.

She says they told her son to keep quiet, then proceeded to steal thousands of dollars worth of televisions, personal electronics, jewelry and other belongings. They made off with the stolen goods through a bedroom window while the terrified teen sat just a few feet away.

"I could care less what they take from us. But what they did to my son, it's gut-wrenching," said the boy's mother, Katie Johnson. "Nobody should ever have to go through that. It breaks my heart. That's my baby."

The intruders did not physically hurt the teen, who stayed quiet and still, then called 911 after the burglars left.

"The officers and the detectives told me they couldn't believe how strong he was," Katie said through tears. "He a great kid and handled this so amazingly well."

She wonders what the men might have done if her boy had panicked.

"I thank God that my son is still here. Yeah, he's traumatized. Yeah, he's horrified but he's still here. He's with us. That's all that matters," she said.

The suspects got into the house through an unlocked window. They used a folding-ladder that was behind the home.

Skagit County Sheriff's detectives are investigating. The teenager could not get a good description because the suspects were wearing knit caps and sunglasses.

But Katie is confident officers will find who did this. She also believes the criminals will face more than one kind of justice.

"Whoever did this to him will pay. Don't ask me how, I don't know how," she said. "In the end they're going to have to stand before God and they're gonna have to pay. They hurt my kid."