Burglars caught on tape breaking into Everett game store

EVERETT, Wash. -- The owner of a small business in Everett hopes surveillance footage can make it game-over for a pair of crooks who broke into his shop to steal Xboxes and Nintendos.

The break-in happened in the early morning hours of January 16, and for some reason the thieves didn't trip the alarm. However, surveillance cameras were rolling inside Next Level Video Games" in downtown Everett, capturing their every move.

Owner Matthew Martin said the burglars couldn't pry open the door, but still found a way inside.

"They came to this glass pane right here and ended up kicking it in," Martin said, referring to the large storefront window that faces Hewitt Avenue.

Police say one suspect climbed inside and passed merchandise through the shattered window to his accomplice, who investigators believe doubled as a lookout.

"They spent about 10 minutes in the store, walking around, checking out the street, looking at what was going on out there," Martin said.

The thief inside Martin's shop spent several minutes grabbing anything he could fit into a bunch of backpacks. Several new and used game consoles ended up being stolen. Just before they left, one of the suspects did something that gave police their best clue.

"One of the guys took his sweatshirt off in full view of the camera," Martin said. "That really helped us, because we got a good look at his face."

Martin didn't discover the crime until an employee showed up to open the store for the day. The owner estimates he's out several hundred dollars in stolen merchandise. Even worse is the loss of his storefront window, which cost him another $1,900 to repair.

Now he hopes the public will recognize someone from the footage and call in a tip to police.

"Hopefully somebody can track them down for us," he said.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward in this case for information that leads to an arrest.