Burglarized last year? The Sheriff might have your stuff

SEATTLE -- Were you burglarized between January 2012 and July 2013? Are you missing jewelry, silverware, signed baseballs, photo-booth pictures, a sword or a truly bizarre iPhone case? Well, the King County Sheriff's Office might have your stuff.

The Sheriff's Office has released dozens of images of items allegedly stolen by a couple of 27-year-olds during an 18-month crime spree that ranged from Mill Creek in Washington to Tigard in Oregon.

The stolen items were found in a storage unit or recovered from local coin shops back in July and most still have not been claimed.

The public is invited to browse through photos of the stolen items to see if any of them look familiar. The password for the photo gallery is SammamishPD. If you have any questions about the stolen items, call 804-885-KCSO.

Krystal Sweetman of Puyallup and Steven Tipton of Tacoma were arrested for the more than 80 residential burglaries that netted them more than $346,000 in profit before their arrest.

Sweetman pleaded guilty last month and was sentenced to three years in prison. Tipton is expected to plead guilty this month, according to the Sheriff's Office.