Burglar steals mother's cherished mementos of teen who died

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- A burglar ransacked the drawers and jewelry boxes of a Maple Valley family that's still coping with the death of their 16-year-old daughter.

Tamara Harris' home is filled with pictures and mementos of her daughter Sabrina, who died two years ago. Since then, Harris has kept the jewelry and gifts her daughter loved close.

Until burglars broke in Friday afternoon.

"When they broke in, that they would know that something had to have happened here," Harris said.

A break-in at home isn't easy to handle. This time is different.

"(The burglars) were watching. I'm sure they watched when I left," Harris said.

After work on Friday, Harris returned to her home to find glass everywhere.

The burglar didn't take much, just what matters most.

"Oh my God, they took everything of hers," Harris said.

Heading upstairs to steal jewelry, the burglar had to pass a photo of Sabrina.

"I just feel like I've lost her all over again," Harris said.

Sabrina was a dazzling singer and actress. At just 16, she knew how to command the stage and make an impression.

"She was a friend to everyone," Harris said. "She loved life. She really did."

Until February, 2010 when she complained of pain and fainting. It was a rare, undetected blood disease.

"Her blood clots just kept coming back and so we lost her," Harris said. "She fought for like, eight hours."

Just eight hours from going to the hospital to passing away.

Now, the costume jewelry from plays, the aquamarine birthstones, the treasured gifts from daughter to mother are gone.

"One of the last necklaces that she gave me was on Mother's Day -- the last Mother's Day that she was here," Harris said.

One small bracelet remains -- a chain with charms memorializing Sabrina. It's small comfort when prayers haven't always been enough.

"I know it's just things, but they're things that are meaningful," Harris said.

Harris hopes word will spread about the burglary and the jewelry will be returned. She says she doesn't even want to know who did it, she just wants her daughter's rings and necklaces back.