Bundle up! Colder temps headed this way over the weekend

SEATTLE - If you think it's been cold this week, just wait.

Another burst of arctic air is headed this way from the Canadian interior - and is threatening to push the mercury even lower this weekend, the National Weather Service reports.

Overnight low temperatures in the teens will be widespread across Western Washington on Saturday night and Sunday morning, with some areas plunging into the single digits - so don't forget to check the antifreeze in your car and take other cold weather precautions.

Daytime highs probably will remain mostly below freezing all weekend. Skies will be clear, except for some possible cloudiness on Sunday along the central Washington coast.

Clouds will increase over Western Washington on Monday, and some forecasting models show a possibility of light snow or a rain-snow mix late Monday or early Tuesday.

Other models delay the precipitation until later on Tuesday or Wednesday and show it falling as rain as warmer air invades the region. The lone exception to this could be the Hood Canal region and Whatcom County, where snow could develop in trapped cold air pockets.

By Wednesday, temperatures will be closer to normal.