Bring Danny home: Restaurant hopes to find 'link' to stolen pig

SEATTLE - Thieves hit a wellknown West Seattle restaurant recently, but they didn't steal cash. Instead, they stole what employees call the heart and soul of Endolyne Joe's - a 3-foot tall wooden statue of a pig named Danny.

The restaurants general manager, Rich Gantner, says while rearranging decor, a member of the staff noticed Danny was missing. They looked all over for him and when they couldn't find him they realized somebody took him.

More than 10 years ago, Endolyne Joe's owner discovered Danny at a flea market. He sat at the front of the restaurant, decked out in a red and white checkered shirt, scarf and blue pants. He was the first thing customers saw when they walked in, and children always gave him a hug as they walked by.

"We miss the pig," says Nora, mother of young Eamon who searched for the pig. "The pig was kind of guardian of the toys, so he would like to talk to the pig and grab his truck and play."

Susan says her grandkids miss Danny a bunch adding, "We come up here for the Sunday night chicken feed and they pet the pig. They were just heartbroken that he's gone."

Since Danny's departure, the restaurant put up signs on every table and missing posters on all the windows. They're even offering a reward for his safe return: 15 pounds of choice, center-cut bacon.

The restaurant says Danny is not worth much money, but he's made a lot of memories over the last decade. Gantner says he's not looking to press charges. He just wants Danny back where he belongs.

"This is his home and kids look forward to seeing Danny when they come into the front of the restaurant... we just want Danny back," Gantner says. "Bring Danny home."