Bremerton teen flees courtroom, injures security guard

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Bremerton police are searching for a suspect who ran out of municipal court on Wednesday morning and injured a security guard.

The commotion was all caught on camera as Holden Lippard-Taste, 19, rushed past the guard, who was trying to stop him from leaving, then knocked him down.

"I heard the security officer say something to the effect of 'You're not leaving the building,' " said court administrator Dawn Nelson who was sitting behind a glass window in the building when she heard the confrontation.

Nelson said the security guard injured his arm during the fall so they called 911.

"We heard the commotion here and then I immediately ran out and the security officer was down," said Nelson.

Lippard-Taste was in municipal court for a compliance hearing regarding domestic violence charges.

During the hearing, the prosecutor filed a motion that Lippard-Taste violated his probation for failure to remain abstinent from drugs. At some point, the 19-year-old became agitated and fled before the hearing ended. He went out the glass doors on the first level of the building and ran down Park Avenue.

"It startled us. It usually is pretty quiet here. It took us a minute to realize what was going on," said Nelson.

Lippard-Taste was last seen wearing khaki pants and a dark jacket. He arrived at court in a vehicle but it was unclear if he left the area on foot or in a car.