Bremerton cat hoarders surrender more than 70 animals

BREMERTON, Wash. -- A Bremerton couple is surrendering more than six dozen cats and kittens that have been living in squalid conditions inside a camping trailer.

A 911 tip led animal rescuers to the trailer, where they found more than 70 felines. Officer Chase Connolly rounded up the cats and said they covered up nearly every inch of the couple's floor.

"The smell was overwhelming, to where we had to wear masks just to enter the property and alternate them out with new masks just to enter the property and alternate them out with new ones to keep removing animals," Connolly said.

So many cats were rescued that the Kitsap Humane Society shelter is now full. All the cats are now being treated for parasites and eye infections.

Dr. Jen Stonequist said some the animals were underweight, but they did not appear to be neglected.

"They were really loved where they were, I think the people just didn't have the resources to spay and neuter the cats that they had, and unfortunately it just resulted in an explosion of kittens," Stonequist said.

The runt of the bunch weighs just 10 ounces. The shelter workers have named the kitten Zeus because they want him to know he's a fighter.

If the couple continues to cooperate and surrender the rest of their cats, police say they won't face any criminal charges. Rescuers say it's a case of good intentions that got out of control.

On Friday, the shelter waved its adult cat adoption fees for anyone who wanted to take one of the cats home.

The couple will be allowed to keep four cats, which is the city limit.