Breaking into the marijuana biz one domain name at a time

SEATTLE -- Wayne Dixon and Daniel Brooks are breaking into the marijuana business with a bang, but they don't grow it and they don't sell it.

The lifelong friends are buying up Internet domain names at around $9 a name, and so far they've gathered more than 200. They're hoping to sell them all to interested marijuana businesses for $10,000 each.

"We think we've got a lot of diamonds in the rough," said Dixon, who owns ULO Media with Daniel.

Some of their domain names include, and They research and study each name to try and calculate it's potential popularity. They're convinced marijuana will exploded into an industry worth billions of dollars.

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states, while recreational marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado.

Uruguay just became the first country to legalize production and sales of marijuana. Government officials there may be interested in the domain names, uruguaymarijuana, Wayne and Daniel own all of them.

Working through domain name brokers, they say, they're already in negotiations with several companies from New York to Los Angeles. They also buy variations of names like:, and A business that buys all three can direct more web traffic their way.

"It's a true industry that will affect a lifestyle of people," said Brooks, "and we believe we have what it takes."