Brazen thief unsuccessfully tries to steal from Girl Scouts

BREMERTON, Wash. -- A brazen thief in Bremerton learned the hard way that stealing from the Girl Scouts is never a good idea.

A handful of scouts working a table at a Bremerton Safeway last week thought they'd made a cookie sale when a woman walked over and said she wanted to buy a few boxes.

But instead of putting her money inside the cash bucket, police say she reached in and grabbed a fist full of cash. The woman took off running, but the mother of a scout and another customer weren't about to let her get away.

The crook high-tailed it through the parking lot with the scout mom in hot pursuit.

"She was running and then she fell down, smashed her knee on the ground," said witness Jennifer Bobbitt.

Deputies say the mom and the good Samaritan stopped the woman. She gave back the money, but then took off again before police arrived. Witnesses say she hopped into a pickup truck and drove off.

Shoppers at the store say targeting Girl Scouts is an unforgivable crime.

"It's up there, because it's pretty sad. Why would someone steal from the kids?" said Vanessa Williams.

Witnesses identified the alleged thief in a photo line-up and deputies are now looking for her.