Boy with rare medical condition facing a host of challenges

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. -- His brief life has been fraught with challenges, and things are only getting tougher for young Alexander Feagins.

The 2-year old is dealing with something most adults likely couldn't handle. He has a rare syndrome that has caused him to grow at an extremely accelerated rate.

"There's been 330 known cases around the world since 1949," said his mother, Jennile

His family knew something was wrong when he hit 33 pounds at 3-months old.

"It's super hyperparathyroidism, type 1A," Jennile said. "It's where the thyroid secretes 700 times the normal amount of growth hormone."

His prognosis is grim, but Jennile said her son is a fighter.

"Alexander, he's a survivor," she said. "I don't ... it's hard to say."

Alexander was recently taken to the hospital after an accident, and since then he's come down with a virus. Because of his condition, even the most minor cold could be deadly for Alexander.

"It breaks my heart," said his grandma, Patricia. "I just I sit in the hospital room a lot and cry just watching him, thinking, wondering what kind of life is he going to have?"

Alexander's health isn't the only problem the family is dealing with, either. They were recently evicted from their home for not paying rent.

Jennile and her former landlord differ on the details, but the end result was that Alexander's bed and wheelchair -- along with other specially-made items -- were lost at some point in the eviction process. In all, Jennile said they've lost $40,000 worth of equipment.

"You know, him being 75 pounds at 2-years old, the height and the weight that he is, it's very difficult," Jennile said.

Times are certainly tough for the Feagins family, but Jennile said she will never give up.

"My son Alexander taught me that sacrifice is everything, and when we have to get something done, we'll get it done," she said.

The family said government assistance helped pay for the equipment the first time, but likely won't do it again.

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