Boy leaves hospital after battle with flesh-eating bacteria

SEATTLE - Three weeks ago, doctors were unsure he was going to make it.

But on Wednesday, 13-year-old Trey Lauren of Monroe is preparing to leave Seattle Children's Hospital after a terrifying battle with flesh-eating bacteria.

"I'm just happy I don't have to be held captive in my bed anymore. I can walk around, I can go upstairs and now it's just nice to be able to move," he says.

The ordeal started March 15 with a cut to his knee from a nail at a birthday party.

After receiving six stitches at an urgent care clinic he was back home - but within a couple of days, signs of infection were clear. He was sent to Seattle Children's Hospital and into an MRI machine.

"They didn't even complete the MRI because they saw the flesh-eating bacteria was moving up his leg," says his mom, Randi Lauren.

He went into surgery, and in the following days he went through 12 more surgeries. His leg now has stitches running from his hip all the way to his ankle.

He has a long recovery ahead with physical therapy, but doctors did not have to remove any muscle and say he will not need skin grafts.

"I'm gonna be home resting in my own bed, which is gonna be nice - own home, own town. I'm just gonna be happy I'm going home," Trey says.

Trey, a starting pitcher and first baseman for his team, is missing baseball season right now. But his teammates haven't forgotten him - and he believes he'll be well enough to make an appearance on field by the end of season.

There's a "Pray for Trey" Facebook page, and Randi says community support has held them up through this.

An auction is planned for April 12 to help offset some of the medical bills Randi says she hasn't allowed herself to even be bothered with yet.