Bonney Lake police cracking down on cell phones in cars

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- Bonney Lake police hope a new crackdown on cell phones in cars will cut down on crashes, and anyone caught breaking the law could be hit with a $124 fine.

For many people, cell phones are a constant companion that keeps them connected to the rest of the world, but Bonney Lake police say phones can also disconnect drivers from their responsibilities on the road.

Police implemented a one-month crackdown on the phones in April, and they saw positive results.

"Directly after that we saw our motor vehicle collision stats go down a little bit. So now seven months later we want to implement it again and hopefull we'll have the same results as far as our collisions going down," said Daron Wolschleger of the Bonney Lake Police Department.

For the rest of the month, every Bonney Lake police officer will be on the lookout for drivers who aren't using a hands-free device or who are texting.

Some drivers are happy to see the crackdown.

"I mean, the law is the law," said driver Derek Bellinger. "They're just going their jobs. It does cause car accidents. so I'm pretty fine with it."

Others aren't so sure a crack-down will do any good.

"I don't think anybody likes to pay tickets. I doubt I would change my habits because of the likelihood that I might get one," said Paul Webber.

But Webber actually puts his phone on speaker mode and places it on the middle console, which police say is legal.