Boise biker burns toilet paper after potty break, sparks wildfire

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- An individual has confessed to starting the Hull fire that broke out Wednesday.

Carrie Bilbao, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Land Management in Boise, said the fire was caused by a mountain biker who burned toilet paper after making a restroom stop.

Bilbao said the person thought burning the toilet paper was a responsible choice, in order to avoid littering, then quickly realized the fire was out of his control.

Officials determined the cause from evidence and personal items left at the scene, however, the person responsible turned himself in.

The man was cited and fined for causing the fire and might have to cover the suppression costs of the fire itself.

No names have been released.

The agency said the fire could've been avoided by burying human waste, not burning toilet paper in dry grass and on public lands and lastly, if you pack it in, make sure to pack it out.