Man's body found floating in Skykomish River

KOMO photo.

INDEX, Wash. - The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office recovered a man's body from the Skykomish River Saturday evening.

Deputies were dispatched to the 49100 block of Highway 2 just before 12 p.m. Search and rescue units also responded. Crews waited for a swift water rescue boat to retrieve the body.

KOMO News reporter Mitch Pittman spoke with the family who spotted the body floating down the river alerted deputies.

Paul Hamilton says he was sitting on his back porch overlooking the Skykomish River when saw it floating by.

"I was just enjoying the scenery and I look up and see sort of a strange blob coming down through the rapids," Hamilton said.

The family's home is about a mile upstream from where the body was recovered. Hamilton says his sons tracked the body down the river, careful not to lose sight in the swift current.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office took custody of the man's body and is working to determine a positive identity.

In June, two people were swept over Sunset Falls. The individuals, a 25-year-old woman visiting from Texas and a 49-year-old man form Seattle, were not recovered.

The Sheriff's Office says it cannot confirm at this time that this is the body of the man.

Hamilton says his family is proud to have been able to help some family who lost a loved one.

"It's awesome, because I got to give that family closure," Hamilton says. "I just wanted them to know that they could make peace now with the body found."

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