Bob Throndsen retiring after decades with KOMO

Bob Throndsen has been an influential part of KOMO News for more than three decades.

Throndsen has been a reporter, an anchor and a manager. He's covered stories big and small and most recently served as news director for KOMO Newsradio, which just won Edward R. Murrow awards for Best Newscast and Overall Excellence.

Throndsen is a news man, but he is also a humble teacher. He's been a mentor to many people at KOMO over the years.

"He's taught me a lot and I know he's taught everybody else in this newsroom a lot," KOMO Anchor Dan Lewis said.

This week, Throndsen is retiring from KOMO News. He's earned the rest, though we are confident we haven't heard the last from him. We all look forward to the next chapter in his adventure.

"I really feel like it's chipping a little brick out of the foundation of KOMO when he leaves -- a piece of that foundation that will never be replaced," Lewis said.

Throndsen spent his life in broadcasting, working in Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle, always pushing to craft the best story possible.

"I've often said to reporters through the years, that if we take the right audio, and the right words, and the right video, we make magic. And nobody else can touch us. And that magic comes into your life, and my life, and maybe some of what we do makes a difference," Throndsen said.

"I've had a chance to go toe-to-toe with people, I've had a chance to laugh with them, to cry with them -- and that's what I take away, is telling their story. And knowing I think I did a pretty damn good job."


Check out the video above for a look back at Bob's career.

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