Blustery storm to return sense of normalcy to Seattle weather

SEATTLE -- If it hadn't been for all the frozen fountains and then the influx of snowmen around town this past week, you'd be hard pressed to know it was winter around here.

Don't worry, a sense of normalcy is about to return.

A traditional winter rainy/windy/mountain-snow storm is heading into our region this evening, bringing about a much more familiar feel to the weather for longtime Seattleites.

Also quite familiar: the watches and warnings in effect from the National Weather Service.

Let's start with the wind. A High Wind Warning is in effect for the central coast from 6 p.m. Tuesday to 4 a.m. Wednesday for potential southerly gusts to 60 mph.

The North Coast, Northwest Interior, and Southwest Interior are under a Wind Advisory from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. for gusts to 55 mph on the coast and 50 mph in the NW Interior.

So far, no advisories have been issued for the Seattle and Puget Sound areas as at this point, winds are expected to stay under 45 mph (gusting 35-40 mph).

Up in the mountains, it's snow, snow and more snow. Officially at this point there is a Winter Storm Warning for the North Cascades (for 8-18" of snow) and a Winter Weather Advisory for the rest of the Cascades above 4,000 feet. There will be 8-14" of snow above 4,000 feet and 4-12" expected in the passes.

While these specific warnings go from tonight until noon Wednesday, I would just assume there is going to be some sort of snow warning or advisory in effect for the mountains non-stop for at least the next week as there are several storms lined up and ready to move through.

Rainfall will be heavy at times overnight as well. About a half inch of rain is forecast for the Seattle area but 2-4 inches of rain equivalent are expected in the Olympics. A Flood Watch has been issued for potential minor flooding on the Skokomish River.

As I alluded to, this is just the first of several storms primed to move through the region over the next several days, each bringing its own round of breezy winds, moderate to heavy rain and mountain snow.

Yep, Seattle weather is back!