Bike thieves getting crafty as crime rises

SEATTLE -- The bravery of bike thieves is on the rise, and victims and shop owners aren't sure how to stop it. This isn't a new crime, but it shows how thieves are changing their tactics.

Camille Meyer-Arendt has to ride on a backup bike after hers was taken Wednesday. She said the thieves broke through into her storage unit by cutting chicken wire and wood to get to her unit.

"That was secured, in a secured room, in my secured apartment building," she said.

Meyer-Arendt spoke with others nearby who aslo had their bikes jacked. Her bike was meant for something more -- she was going to use it for an Ironman charity race.

"We're raising money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. A ton of people have supported me-supported the cause," she said.

This is a story Eric Patchen with the BPA Seattle bike shop has dealt with too often to count.

"We hear it all the time. Pretty much daily," he said.

Patchen said many of his customers have been reduced to just leaving their bikes in their apartment.

Oil, dirt and grime are irrelevant if the bike is stolen. That seems to be Meyer-Arendt's only option.

"And that hurts. It really hurts," she said.