Big rescue effort, 'horse whisperer' helps save trapped pony

REDMOND, Wash. -- A huge rescue effort help saved a pony who got herself trapped on a ledge in Redmond Tuesday.

Friends, neighbors and the pony's owner spent all of Monday frustrated looking for this 800-pound mare, but it took the intervention of a self-professed "horse whisperer" to get the volunteers the clue they needed to track-down this pony.

Stable workers realized Jemma was missing when she failed to come in from pasture for breakfast Monday morning. It turns out, she broke an outer fence eating grass and wandered off into a ravine.

Jemma walked herself down a ledge and got trapped because she couldn't turn around.

But then, an animal communicator took a look at Jemma's picture, described where searchers could find the pony, and told them Jemma was worried but otherwise OK.

"I felt a little bit distraught, but not panicked," said Joan Ranquet. "And she's been a really good sport about the whole thing I hear."

Tuesday morning, members with the Washington State Animal Response Team responded and ended up slipping a harness around the pony then hauled her out by hand. The pony walked the rest of the way to safety.

"I cannot even put it into words right now - I am just so happy," said Barbara Linstedt, the property owner. "I am so thankful."

Jemma is in Redmond for training and staff say she's been a bit of a trouble-maker these past weeks. But now she's snug in her stable, sporting just a few scratches from the ordeal.