Beware of scammer posing as King County deputy

SEATTLE -- King County detectives are warning people about a new scam artist who's already victimized several people out $1,500 cash.

Posing as a King County's Sheriff's Office Deputy, investigators say the scammer calls people claiming they have outstanding warrants. Next he tells them they can pay them off immediately if they buy a gift card from Walmart or Target, then send him the gift card number.

Real deputies say, so far, the scammer has convinced four people to fork over money. One of those victims recorded the scammer's number and handed it over to law enforcement. But, when they called, the scammer never broke character

"First he said, 'This is the King County Sheriff's Office, then I said, 'This the King County Sheriff's Office," said Sgt. Cindi West. "He hung up when he realized who we were."

Deputies say if there's a warrant for your arrest, they might show up at your door, but they'd never ask for money over the phone. If you get a call from anyone posing as law enforcement, deputies say it's ok to hang up and call 911.

If you've been victimized, you're urged to call King County detectives.