Bellingham teens blowing minds with trick shot video

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Three Bellingham college students are blowing a lot of minds with a new video they posted online. It's a collection of soccer and basketball trick shots using homes, a golf club, and even a jet ski.

Shane Miller, Aaron Burke, and EJ Troutman are childhood friends. They're all now 19-years old.

They came up with the idea of creating their own trick shot video after seeing similar videos online.

"We thought it'd be a fun thing to do in the summer," said Burke.

The trio's first video got so many views online that they decided to buy a portable hoop for $20 this summer so they could test different shots off homes, buildings, and other landmarks around town. The end result

"We just try to think of really cool shots and something that we can actually do in a decent amount of time. And they usually end up looking pretty cool," said Burke. "Once we feel like we can make it, we just start shooting. And usually doesn't take that long."

Burke said most shots taken them a few minutes to master. Miller's favorite was one involving a golf club at the beginning of their latest video.

"I had been going at that shot for probably 40 minutes. Just hadn't been going in, kept getting close. And then I happened to make it immediately after Aaron made a shot, which was just perfect," said Miller.

The trio's latest collection of shots has already generated more than 3,500 views since being posted online a few days ago.

"I just really hope people appreciate the hard work that we've been doing and really enjoy what we've been doing all summer," Burke said.

Troutman has already returned to college. Burke and Miller head back to school in a few weeks.

The three are already starting to think about how to make their next video bigger and better than the first two. They expect it to be released sometime next summer.

"I really can't wait for next year. I hope we can do it again," said Burke.