Bellingham coach arrested for sex with underage wrestler

BELLINGHAM Wash. -- A Bellingham high school wrestling coach is behind bars after being arrested on suspicion of having sex with one of his 17-year-old wrestlers. He's also being held on suspicion of witness tampering.

A Bellingham School District spokesperson says Jaron Kensok has coached the girls' co-op wrestling team in Bellingham for the last two seasons. Police say Kensok prompted the relationship in late January.

"He contacted her and said he had a dream about her... he was kind of embarrassed about that and wanted to talk about it," says Lt. Robert Vander Yacht with the Bellingham Police Department. "He was pretty adamant that she needed to erase all of her text messages... anything that would connect the two of them."

According to investigators, Kensok and the victim met before and after school inside the entertainment studio Kensok owns and where he works as a DJ and goes by the name "DJ Maynard".

Also according to investigators, the sex was consensual. However, under Washington state law, it is illegal for any teacher or coach to have sex with a student or player under the age of 21.

During his bail hearing via closed circuit television feed, Kensock, who is married with a 3-year-old daughter of his own, answered "yes" or "no" to the judge's questions. Several supporters, including parents and students, watched Kensock on a TV monitor. Kensok's wife was also in the room but didn't say a word to the media.

Kensock is being held on $20,000 bail.