Bellevue officer disciplined for drinking and driving in city car

SEATTLE -- A Bellevue police officer who made news in 2012 for his drunken exploits at a Seahawks game is in hot water once again for an alcohol-related incident.

Bellevue Police Department officials announced Thursday that officer Dion Robertson was disciplined for driving a city vehicle during off-duty hours after drinking three beers.

Police say Robertson, who is a 22-year veteran of the department, drove the vehicle to a pair of functions last November 10.

After an internal investigation, Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo found that Robertson used "poor judgement" and removed him from the city's bomb squad, which means a 4 percent pay cut.

"Holding officers accountable to a high standard is not only the right thing to do but it is necessary to ensure we maintain the department's integrity and the public's trust," Pillo said in a Thursday news release.

In 2012 Robertson was demoted from corporal to officer after he and another officer were kicked out of CenturyLink Field for unruly behavior.

An investigation into that incident found that an intoxicated Robertson swore at and belittled a Seattle police officer outside the stadium. Robertson later admitted to the chief he was "blacked out" for most of the events and said, "if somebody said I did it, then I'm sure I probably did."

Pillo said both officers apologized and pledged to correct their behavior but she told both of them, "I am appalled and very disappointed by your actions that day. Your obnoxious drunken behavior brought disrepute not only to you, but the entire Bellevue Police Department."