Bellevue murder victim 'would just bring a smile to your face'

Editor's Note: Some corrections have been made to the original story based on additional information provided by Bellevue Police

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Friends and co-workers of Natalyia Vabishchevich, who was found dead inside her Bellevue condo Monday, say they're worried about her 14-year-old son who lived inside the condo.

Tuesday, Natalyia's boss Jeremy Welch shared better memories about the part-time massage therapist.

"She would just bring a smile to your face right away," Welch said.

Welch also spoke about the moment a detective told him what happened -- he immediately thought about the victim's 14-year-old son, who lived with her.

"But the detective told me, right off the bat, her son was safe and he's with the authorities so peace of mind with that," Welch said.

When Vabishchevich didn't show-up on time at a second chiropractic clinic where she worked in Redmond, a co-worker drove to her condo and found the front door open and her body on the floor.

Tuesday, the apartment is dark, the blinds are closed and there are no signs somebody forced open that front door. The door knob and lock are missing, however, taken by detectives searching for fingerprints of the woman's killer.

Friends say the victim's family lives in Russia, but her ex-husband's family lives here and even though they were divorced, they were all very close and they all got along.