Beer fans lash out after craft brew Super Bowl ad

SEATTLE -- Seattle's way of life was being questioned.

Mocked. Ridiculed.

So why not have another drink?

During the Super Bowl, Budweiser aired a one-minute long commercial that lauded its role as a "macro" brewer while at the same time taking shots at hipster pretention and twee mustachioed craft beer drinkers. Those are the exact sort of people that Eric Buist profiles in online videos for the site

"That is kind of offensive to the craft beer drinker," he said of the ad. So Buist took matters into his own hands and created a spot of his own to counter Bud's attitude.

"I kind of thought about it and said, you know what, we have all of this footage that's beer-themed; it's beer-related," Buist said.

The video is starting to spread, but so is Bud's apparent hypocrisy.

The massive company recently agreed to purchase Seattle micro brewer Elysian in January. In the ad, they chastise "pumpkin peach ale" and craft beer experiments.

"That it's a little bit too out there. That it's a little bit adventurous," Buist said.

Yet as bloggers pointed out, Bud's new addition Elysian actually makes a peach pumpkin amber.

"And they just went through with it said, alright, we're just going to air the ad and call it good," Buist said.

He admits beer aficionados can get a little snobby, but passion can lead to a thin skin---and a stiff drink.

"Wine or beer or whiskey or cigars. There's always going to be that pretention," Buist said.

Budweiser said in a statement: "The prevailing discourse in beer is that small must be good, and big must be bad. We don't accept that. Lager is one of the most difficult styles to brew well, and we have the highest standards of care to get it right. We are owning who we are without apology."

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