Bear that bit woman still loose at Long Beach

LONG BEACH, Wash. - The bear that bit a woman and killed her dog near Long Beach remains on the loose, ignoring state Fish and Wildlife Department traps baited with doughnuts and beer.

The department's deputy police chief, Mike Cenci, said Thursday they'll probably leave the traps out through the weekend. He says the bear should be killed to prevent it from harming anyone else on the Long Beach Peninsula.

The bear was raiding a garbage can early Friday when the woman let her pet schnauzer outside and it was killed by the bear. It bit her on the waistline as she tried to drive it off with a broom, then it ran away.

Four officers responded, bringing a Karelian bear dog from Tacoma to help track the animal. However, the ground was wet, and too much time had passed to pick up the scent.

Cenci described the bear population on the peninsula as dense. He says bears in the mild climate of Western Washington don't hibernate and will be active all winter.