Wait! That's no venomous snake in Discovery Park...

Harmless corn snake -- NOT a venomous copperhead snake -- spotted in Seattle's Discovery Park (Photo taken by witness, provided to Seattle Parks Department)

SEATTLE -- For several hours Wednesday, there were fears a venomous copperhead snake was on the loose in Seattle's Discovery Park.

Turns out, the snake was misidentified not venomous after all. Just a harmless corn snake:

The snake was originally seen on top of the sandy bluff on the west side of the park a couple of days ago, says Rachel Schulkin with the City of Seattle. A witness snapped a photo of the snake and sent it to Seattle Parks, who forwarded the photo to the Department of Fish & Wildlife. They originally identified the photo as a copperhead snake and since then, there have been two additional sightings of the snake.

Reptile curators with Woodland Park Zoo fanned out into the park Wednesday afternoon to corral the snake. The zoo curators are the only people in the region qualified to handle trapping highly venomous snakes, said Gigi Allianic with Woodland Park Zoo.

Video from Air 4 showed a reptile curator searching the brush and trees for the elusive reptile:

But there was a mix-up and wildlife officials later identified the snake as a corn snake -- not native to the area either, but not venomous.

The snake still remains on the loose, but rest easy park goes, that the snake is not dangerous.

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